DR. Moh Plastic surgery Hair Transplantation Center is specialized in FUE hair restoration. Being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant Surgeon, DR. Moh is only using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) System.

Dr. MOH has improved the naturalness of patients’ hair by painless procedures and minimum scars. Patients must pick and choose right hair transplant surgeon and hospital for appropriate hair transplant. A worldwide known Plastic Surgeon Dr. Moh is competent from hair grafts to transplants with his FUE System.

Specialized in Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE System, Dr. Moh also has been offering various hair surgical techniques such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and ARTAS Robot for thousands of operations since his first hair transplant.

Dr. Moh has made great progress in his hair transplant and rediscovered his surgical techniques with expertise in FUE System. His current and past surgeries support the fact that he has lowered a ratio less than 3% of hair follicle losses, and optimizes survival rate and hair regrowth.

Over the years, more and more doctors began offering FUE procedure, but few have shown real expertise in this field. Many inexperienced and bogus treatments have been put forth over the years for the treatment of alopecia. Significant baldness of male and female would lose their physical beauty and self-esteem. Dr. Moh will make a big commitment to hair transplantation that would look natural, remain undetectable, and allow freedom of styling.

Thank you very much.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,

Diploma, The Korean Board of Plastic Surgery
The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Full Member
The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Full Member
The Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Surgery Association Full Member
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Full Member
The Korean Hair Transplant Research Group Full Member
NAVER’s Official Consultant and Representative Doctor for Hair Transplantation
Medical Specialist Appointed as an Official Consultant for Plastic Surgery by NAVER

Fellowship, New York Unger Hair Transplantation Center
Fellowship, Hair Science Center of Colorado
Previous, Director of DANA Plastic Surgery

Definition By DR. MOH – DR. MOH’s FUE System

FUE is a hair harvesting method of hair transplantation surgery in which individual natural hair groupings called follicular units – FU are removed by surgically separating them one by one from their natural location which is typically the back and sides of the head. A follicular unit (FU) is the small hair grouping that is naturally found on the scalp.

The result is a natural-looking coverage of hair in the bald area and avoidance of linear or punch-graft-scarring in the donor area. Because the extraction wounds are tiny, they typically heal with cosmetically insignificant scars.

DR. MOH’s FUE System, HOW and WHY

Dr. Moh’s newly developed FUE System significantly reduces procedure time to avoid pain and discomfort on neck and shoulder from prolonged sitting and prone position. And with a motionless head positioning indeed prevents minimal losses of hair follicles to achieve successful transplant.

DR. MOH’s FUE System is a quantum leap from above difficulties in procedures by minimizing losses of hair follicles for transplant. This creates minute wounds with no pain or discomfort that heals rapidly.

Merits of DR. MOH’s FUE System

  • Minimization of hair follicles losses
    The FUE technique is difficult and tedious to perform on the part of the physician and staff. FUE is not for everyone and it takes a skilled, trained doctor to differentiate who is a candidate for FUE and who is not. As difficult as it was for the doctor to master the FUE surgery, it was equally difficult for the patient to comprehend what FUE procedures could and could not accomplish.

  • Harvesting in Bulk
    There is a limitation on a bulk donor harvesting with the standard Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). On contrast, DR. MOH’s FUE System is more capable of hair transplant with bulk donor harvesting.

  • Minimally invasive – rapid recovery time

  • Fast and Accurate transplant

  • Invisible incisional donor scars

  • Minimal Pain and Discomfort – Patients rarely report donor area pain from the excision site

  • Minimal Swelling after Surgery

  • Desired Coverage & Fuller Hair Density – Outstanding outcome with a selective thick hair donor harvesting!!

  • DR. MOH’s FUE System allows hair transplant for those patients who are not able to shave or cut on the back of the head for their jobs.

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